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Rody Luton is a British/New Zealand visual artist whose studio has been based in Amsterdam since the mid-1980s. Born in Somerset, England, she spent her youth in New Zealand, before returning to Europe, living and working in England, Netherlands, France and Italy. Trained in both visual art and anthropology, she takes inspiration from different cultures as well as the natural world, drawing among other things from her experiences as artist-in-residence in the United States, India, and Japan.

She was trained at Bath Academy of Art, England and the École Nationale d’Art Décoratif, France, and holds a degree in anthropology from the University of Sussex, England.


Her work has been exhibited internationally. In December 2016 Witteveen Art Centre, Amsterdam hosted a retrospective exhibition of her work, entitled Time Encircled. In October 2021 her monograph was published, Rody Luton. Time Encircled 

Since 1985 Rody Luton’s studio has been in Amsterdam, at WG Ateliers. From 2009 to mid-2011 she spent a long working period in Berkeley, California, U.S.A.. She was artist-in-residence at Khamir Centre, Kachchh, Gujarat, India (2015) and, most recently, at Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan (2019)

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